Moving the Goal Posts.

When we don’t do something that we say we are going to do or we miss our target, we have two options. Two choices that we can make. Two ways of being…

Option 1 is that we feel sorry for ourselves and it still doesn’t get done.

“I didn’t get the thing done and it sucks.” “I am a failure.”

This option is a lose-lose for everyone. It doesn’t move the needle any further and you don’t feel any better for choosing it.

Option 2 is that we readjust, find a work-around and make it happen.

We move the goal posts. Same situation, different perspective.

The original target may be slightly different and it may be in a direction that we didn’t expect, but the work still gets done. At the end of the day, we are better off because we chose to persevere. This requires a commitment to the process and an understanding that things won’t always be easy.

We will be challenged and won’t always achieve our objective.

But if we focus on the controllable aspects and shift our perspective, we can still reach our goals.

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