Stay Curious.

As soon as we stop being curious, we are telling ourselves that we are satisfied with where our knowledge and experience currently lie.

Satisfaction turns to stagnation. Stagnation turns to apathy. Apathy turns to unhappiness.

A fixed mindset is counter to the type of culture that promotes curiosity. When we are curious, we want to explore new things, learn new things! We can accept that we are dissatisfied to the extent that we want to continue pushing forward and we aren’t happy with staying where we are.

If I were an elite athlete, regardless of the sport, I would want to continue to hone my craft. I would not be completely satisfied with where I was at that time. All of my effort would be committed to running faster/ jumping higher/ hitting harder/ etc.

I would be curious as to what my ultimate potential could be.

Be curious. Explore, learn, ask questions, seek out new experiences. Always be in pursuit of your peak potential.

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