Effort is Relative.

“10 more seconds!”

I looked around the training session I was facilitating. 8 or so athletes in the group put their heads down as they dug deep on their final effort. It was a tough session. I could see the strain on their faces as they summoned a last push toward the finish line.

Each of them was doing their absolute best.

Of course, each of their “best” looks different.

Their training levels and lifestyles vary. Some of them have been training for years, others only months. Some of them have sedentary jobs, while others are on their feet all day. A few are even coaches themselves and have studied the very thing they are participating in.

Their “best” is relative. Therefore, each of their efforts is relative to each other. We can control our effort, striving toward the mental representation of what our best is.

The paradox is that we may never reach this ideal outcome because as we improve, our idea of what our “best” is will also change.

All we can do, is control our effort.

P.S. I’m proud of every single one of our humans at Virtus Performance. If you are interested in learning more about our tribe, send me a message.

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