Nobody’s Coming.

Here’s the bitter truth: nobody is coming to save you.

You’re on your own. There is no knight in shining armour riding to your rescue, to pull you from your plight. If you are unhappy or dissatisfied with where you are right now, it is unlikely that someone will swoop in and make the change for you.


But here’s the flipside to that…

Nobody is coming, so the responsibility falls to you.

When you realise this, it can be liberating. You can do whatever you want (if you choose). If you want to change, it’s on you. Whether it’s your career, lifestyle, relationship or health, it is within your control to change (if you choose).

Yes, there will be resistance. Yes, it will require some courage and/or knowledge that you may not already have. And yes, it will be hard. Your desire to change and the willingness you have to commit to the process of change will determine your success here.

The cool thing is, once you make the decision to change, you can begin to enlist people for support. Once you are in it, once you have started taking steps toward change, there are people who will help you. When I say that you’re on your own, I mean that no one will make the decision to change for you. It has to be your decision.

Once you start, lean on your tribe. Enrol the help of your allies.

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