Developing Optimal Performance.

Our capacity as an athlete can be influenced by time spent in environments that will challenge us.

Lifting weights, working at high(er) intensities or doing more work, will put an increased strain on our system. If we put adequate time, effort and intent into our recovery, we will adapt and get better.

However, when we exceed our threshold and go above our capacity, our movement quality will decrease (as a result of fatigue). Our postural integrity, force production and motor control decreases as our nervous system will try to take shortcuts. As a result, we put ourselves at risk of injury, or at the very least, decreased performance.

So taking all these variables into consideration, what do we need to work on to improve this capacity?

  1. Identify limitations in your mobility/ movement/ capacity
  2. Put some intentional work into correcting those limitations
  3. Follow a consistent system of training
  4. Put as much energy into your recovery as you do you training

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