Create Your Own Roadmap.

I get the impression from speaking to a multitude of people that many of us, young people especially, feel as though our life needs to be mapped out from the start. That we need to know what direction we are going in and what exact steps we need to take to get there.

While I feel as though there is an element of truth to this, I am also firmly of the belief that your journey will change.

As we move forward, we map out a few steps ahead. We plot our course and get started.

But before long, things change. Maybe we hit failure or our circumstances change. All of a sudden we need to either pivot or shift our perspective.

We re-write the map or we turn it sideways.

As we move, we need to be adaptive so that we can make adjustments. Nothing is ever permanent. All we can do is commit to the thing that we are currently in pursuit of, but be prepared to adapt if the situation calls for it.

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