It’s All About the Experience.

At the crux of any business or project, is the question of how can we add the most amount of value to our customer and create a remarkable experience for them.

Imagine you wanted to make a business based around coffee.

Whether you are building a new coffee shop, designing a brand that educates people on how to make their own coffee or making a cool, never-seen-before re-usable cup, the premise is the same.

How can you create an extraordinary experience for other people who love coffee?

Do they want an easier way to access their daily cup of liquid gold? Do they love the process of making their own coffee? Or maybe they love chatting to the barista about the new single origin that just came in?

To answer this question, you need to understand them. To take their perspective and walk around the block in their shoes. This will give you insight into their worldview; how they perceive things, what they want, what problems they are facing.

You might find that the problem you thought they had, doesn’t exist. The real problem was invisible to you. That is until you did some deep inquiry and (truly) understood the people you want to serve.

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