A Man Named Alex.

Today, I watched a short video telling the story of Alex Reza, a man who is a master at his craft: making violins.

He joined the postal service when he was 19 and spent the majority of his life delivering mail. However, after 23 years of service, he was ready for change. He was tired and world-weary. He needed something that he could jump out of bed and sink his teeth into. He needed something that would bring him joy.

Now, he had always loved classical music and when his children were old enough, he encouraged them to take up a musical instrument. His daughter picked the violin. This was the beginning of a journey that would turn something he loved into a lifelong passion.

So he gave up his career and pursued a dream of crafting beautiful instruments. In fact, the first violin he made won him first prize in a violin making competition.

I put his immediate strike at success down to the love and care that he puts into his craft. However, this care does not always translate into success.

There was a deep commitment and love for his craft that enabled him to succeed in chasing his dream. Without this commitment, the first bout of adversity that he would (inevitably) face, might have knocked him off his path.

Of course, there was uncertainty. There was fear. Who wouldn’t be scared to give up a stable and secure job for a pursuit that may or may not end in success?

My message here is this: do things you love with people you love. Pursue your dream with a deeply-rooted commitment that makes you resilient to adversity.

Be like Alex Reza.

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