Building trust is a critical element to any endeavour.

Meeting someone new, launching a business, beginning a new job… They all require the development of trust with others.

It’s what brings people together. It’s the foundation of a positive relationship. Regardless of the context, it creates a culture of respect and responsibility. When people are committed to being honest in their communciation and vulnerable in their approach, it fosters connection.

It’s not an easy thing to build. It requires bravery and vulnerability. It also has to be a dialogue, meaning the effort needs to come from both directions. And it has to be authentic.

Yet, if you are courageous enough to lean into the process, it has a way of paying you back. You get more done together, it aligns you in a way that helps move you (all) in the right direction. You get to explore the edges together, knowing that the poeple you trust will be there to support you. They can embrace you when you’re down and give you a stern word it you stray from the path.

Invest in trust.

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