Take Back Control.

We are living in difficult times, that is no question.

It’s easy to feel weighed down by the uncertainty of the pandemic. By other people’s behaviour, decisions made by organisations/ institutions, the weather, how many cases will be announced today and the countless other things that are outside of our control. The truth: this list is endless.

As a result of all this uncertainty, the collective consciousness feels tense. We are waiting for the next announcement. Waiting for the next statistic that tells us how poorly the world is reacting. The reality is that we don’t know what will come next. People are scared. Hell, I’m scared.

This fear is telling us to pretend that things are normal and to pass on the responsibility we must take. The crux is that we need to assume this responsibility. We each have a role to play here, however small.

We will get through this, but only if we take ownership. This is a form of self-leadership and is something that each one of us can tap into.

We can display this leadership by focusing on the things within our control: our behaviour, decisions and actions. Whilst this control only extends to a limited number of factors, it can be immensely powerful. It can change our posture and how we approach this situation. We can generate more energy. We can do more. The things that weighed us down before, feel lighter.

It is a shift in perspective.

The things in our control are not insignificant. Lean into them. Take back control. It’s up to you how you respond to these challenging times.

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