Begin Again.

In meditation or mindfulness practice, there is a concept to “begin again”.

This is what it means to “begin again”.

You begin your practice by bringing awareness to the breath. The breath acts as an anchor to tie you to the present moment. It is the thing that is stable and always present, so when your mind invariably wanders, you can bring your awareness back to the breath.

Don’t beat yourself up for letting your mind become distracted. Accept that it’s happened, that your mind will keep trying to tug you away, and begin again.

This lesson can be transferred to daily life. When you are working but get distracted on social media and catch yourself, it’s ok. Put your phone away and begin again.

When you weren’t as productive during the day as you wanted. Tomorrow is a new day and a chance for you to get done what you wanted. Begin again.

This concept is about being intentional with where you direct your attention, accepting when you get pulled away and finally bringing your awareness back to the present.

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