5 Thoughts on Self-Compassion.

Now is not only the time to show others compassion, but to show it to ourselves. Here are five thoughts on how we can be more self-compassionate toward ourselves:

1/ Be kind to yourself. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. Each of us react in different ways and don’t alway behave the way that is aligned to our values. That’s ok.

2/ Give yourself space. Take a breath. If you’re in a stressful environment, seek to remove that stress. Or remove yourself from the environment.

3/ Don’t overcompensate by letting yourself off the hook. Take ownership of your actions and behaviours. There’s still responsibility to be had.

4/ Seek to understand what you’re feeling. This leads to a greater self-awareness, which in turn lets you lead from a place of compassion and courage.

5/ Shift your perspective. Use empathy to look from a different perspective. Be honest with what you see.

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