Where Do We Focus?

There is a lot of tension in the community at the moment. It feels like we are collectively in a state of stress and fear.

Whatever you’re feeling right now is ok. There are many things out of our control which can feel overwhelming and a bit scary. Yet, there are still many things within our control. If we direct our focus and our energy there instead, we can continue making progress in whatever pursuit we’re in.

Here are a few things that are within our control:

  • our breathing
  • our own decision making
  • how much time we sit in front of screens (rather than connecting with other people)
  • what we consume (food, water, information)
  • what time we wake up in the morning and go to bed each night
  • how often we exercise and move our body

It pays to focus on these things, rather than the millions of other decisions and factors outside of our control.

If you want a framework around how you can develop positive practices and cultivate self leadership, send me a message. I’m here for you.

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