Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a term coined by Eric Ries in his book The Lean Startup.

This is a product that your early adopters can start using and enabling you to gather feedback. This information then informs you of what users want, what features are important to them and helps to validate your idea.

If you don’t use this opportunity, you run the risk of building a product that nobody wants. This is a waste of money, time and resources.

So if you have an idea, what is the smallest version of that thing that you can send out to the people you want to serve? What can you test? What can still be useful and solve a problem, yet not require a mammoth effort to produce (especially if you get it wrong)?

Building a feedback loop into your business or project enables you to level up your contribution. It lets you learn from your tribe. Leverage the information you receive from feedback and build something that your people truly want.

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