A Talent Problem.

There’s a disconnect in our society. A disconnect between talent and opportunity. There’s a barrier to talented people having the chance to do their thing.

There are a few different elements to this.

First is, there are many talented people out there who do not have the opportunity to express that talent. This could be a result of biases of the gatekeepers (i.e. those who have the opportunities to give out), geography, timing or economic influence (to name a few).

A second aspect of this is that “talent” means different things to different people. Consider raw talent, someone who is naturally gifted with a skillset or characteristic. Or consider talent as the ability to stay focused, consistently delivering results.

Unless we define what talent actually is, how do we know where to direct the opportunities? And why can’t we be open to talent having various definitions?

Business owners, leaders and managers must be open to what talent could look like. Having a good looking CV or going to a top-tier school shouldn’t be the prerequisite to getting a foot in the door.

We should be looking for commitment, a growth mindset and willingness.

There is an opportunity here to give people the chance to prove themselves. How can they add value to what we’re doing in a way that is unique and creative? They may approach a problem in a way that is completely outside of our own perspective.

We might find that they surprise and delight us.

In order to maximise value to those we serve, we have a responsibility to explore different perspectives. Therefore, we need to approach “recruitment” the same way we approach we approach mindfulness…

With an open mind and generosity.

It is out responsibility to seek out and develop talent, and give people the opportunity to thrive.

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