Going through high school, I used to love running.

I did athletics growing up, but had my first look at cross country and distance running at the annual school race. I quickly discovered that I was pretty good. I came first in my year level, so it became my thing.

Most days I’d be doing some kind of running, either training with the school running team, playing soccer for my local or at home. At one point, I even had a coach that I used to train with at a local reserve.

I improved and learnt a lot. About my body, my capacity and running in general.

I applied effort.

Sure, talent can get you part of the way there. But there is no substitute for putting in the work.

If I wanted to be good at running, I had to put in the hours of training. I had to dial in my nutrition and recovery. I had to work hard if I wanted to be the best. These were the choices I made.

There’s always going to be opportunity cost. If you say yes to one thing, you’re saying no to everything else. Yet, if you don’t apply (your best) effort, what choice are you really making?

If you want to make progress, in sport, your studies, career, love, business or (insert goal here), you must commit to that thing and then put in the work.

Make time for training, show up, be clear on what you want, and then start running.

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