On motivation (part 1).

“Motivation can mobilise us, but it rarely sustains us.”

This quote from Logan Gelbrich’s book, Going Right, is an accurate portrayal of the challenge many of us are feeling right now.

I’ve had plenty of conversations over the last few months with friends and members. When the conversation inevitably turns to training or habits, it takes a turn toward:

“I’m just not motivated to train at home”. “I’m lacking the motivation to get up and go for a walk.” “It’s far easier to sit on the couch and watch Netflix.”

I get it. Particularly at the moment. We’re being forced to do things differently, in ways that we’re not used to and in ways that we wouldn’t normally choose. The thing that we’re trying to do is hard enough without the added difficulties of not having your support network close to hand or being unable to travel somewhere specific to do the work.

So what’s the solution to this? Do we sit on our hands until we can slip back into our old patterns? Or do we change our approach, adapt and continue moving forward?

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