The people business.

Virtus is not in the fitness business serving people. We’re in the people business serving fitness.

Of course, we need an excellent product that we can offer to our people. It’s what we get paid to deliver. There is a transaction that involves the delivery of our product in exchange for payment (usually money). But it’s not why they come to us in the first place, and it’s certainly not why they stay.

People are at the heart of what we do at Virtus. It’s at the heart of why each of our team members shows up daily to deliver a remarkable coaching service. It’s at the heart of the services we provide and the experience that we give to each member. It’s at the heart of our shared culture.

Our culture has been (and will continue to be) built around our team, our members and the broader community. The actions that everyone takes is the thing that contributes toward culture. Our values of excellence, connection, fun, leadership and showing up is consistently demonstrated by our people. We try to live through these values and let them guide the decisions we make.

The success of our business is directly related to the community that we build. Having a community of people who each lend their flavour and personality to what we are creating ensures that we continue to evolve. You could think of it as a living organism that changes and grows as we become larger and more complex. With complexity comes challenges, but if the culture is strong enough, the problems become easier to solve.

Ultimately, having people who keep coming back not just because we consistently deliver exceptional service, but because they feel special is the dream; greeting people with a smile, learning their story, bringing them in with care and attention, creating a sense of belonging. This is why our tribe will continue to return.

The people business is challenging. There’s no doubt about it. Building an environment that welcomes every single person, that tailors the experience for everyone and helps them meet their specific needs can be tough. It requires a deliberate effort to step away from the vanilla and mediocrity that dominates our industry. We are doing something different. Everyone else is turning left to serve the masses with the same product and the same message.

We are turning right.

This won’t be to everyone’s taste. Some won’t resonate with our approach or our style. And we’re ok with that. We desire to attract people who have the drive to be better in every aspect of their life and to belong to an extraordinary tribe of humans.

Our commitment to delivering a world-class coaching experience that educates and empowers our members is immense.

If you want to experience this commitment, you know what to do.

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