Virtus Podcast: Season 2

That’s a Wrap! Season Two of the Virtus Podcast is done and dusted.

10 Episodes (plus a cheeky bonus episode) curated to provide the framework to both endure and thrive through this crazy time that the historians will call 2020 (probably).

Thank you to all of you who have listened and watched. We have loved every minute and the feedback we have received has been brilliant. We will be taking a little break before getting stuck back into it in some way shape or formed, stay tuned for details around Season Three.

For now, if you missed any, here are the 10 episodes with links for your convenience, including a ‘Bonus’ episode 11.

1. Building ResilienceWATCH or LISTEN

2. Self LeadershipWATCH or LISTEN

3. Systems for SuccessWATCH or LISTEN

4. The Big RocksWATCH or LISTEN

5. Energy GenerationWATCH or LISTEN

6. Mental HealthWATCH or LISTEN

7. Community & AccountabilityWATCH or LISTEN

8. ChangeWATCH or LISTEN

9. CommunicationWATCH or LISTEN

10. Closing StatementsWATCH or LISTEN

Bonus: Lachie & Coop Save the World: We take a couple of hours to save the world’s leaders the trouble & impart our own severely unqualified opinions… it was a shitshow, but it was bloody fun. WATCH or LISTEN

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