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The Virtus Podcast

#21 Speak & Share The Virtus Podcast

This week, Lachie sat down with Ben, Nathan and Mason from Speak Share to chat about all they've achieved other the last couple of years and about their plans for the future.   Speak & Share is a Mental Health organisation that encourages the tough conversations and challenges mental health stigma. Through our preventative approach, we connect with the community by facilitating school and sporting club programs, as well as local events.   Following our own personal experiences, we have identified that there is a need to influence our community. Whilst we respect that we aren’t mental health professionals, we have a story to share and are willing to make ourselves vulnerable to lead the way for others to follow. For too long now, mental health has been the elephant in the room. However, through our humorous approach we aim to normalise speaking & sharing for everyone.
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P.S. here are a few early episodes of the Virtus Podcast that I feature in.

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