The Art of Feedback eBook

This is a free ebook that enables you to tap into the power of feedback. Whether it’s a personal project or you are in an organisation, this guide will help you level up your work.

The Virtus Podcast

Bonus Episode The Virtus Podcast

Unofficial Title: Wallace and Coop Save the World So… we recorded a bonus episode for Season 2. What can we say about this episode..? We had a little fun with this one and tackled a few topics that the world is faced with; climate change, government, capitalism, education, the fitness industry and more. Sit back, grab yourself your beverage of choice and enjoy.  
  1. Bonus Episode
  2. Closing Statements
  3. Communication
  4. Change
  5. Community & Accountability

P.S. here are a few early episodes of the Virtus Podcast that I feature in.

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