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This is a free ebook that enables you to tap into the power of feedback. Whether it’s a personal project or you are in an organisation, this guide will help you level up your work.

The Virtus Podcast

#14 Jordan Coady – Addiction, Mental Health, and Purpose The Virtus Podcast

Alcoholic, unhappy, depressed & anxious. Not words which anyone would attribute on face value to this wonderful human.    Meet Jordan Coady. A man who has been down some of life's darkest holes and pulled himself out. Todays chat dives deep into addiction, mental health, human psychology, the importance of sharing and finding a purpose.    A human genuinely making the world a better place, please take the time to give this a watch and listen! 
  1. #14 Jordan Coady – Addiction, Mental Health, and Purpose
  2. Quickfire 30 – Simon Cooper
  3. #13 Simon Cooper – The Power of Change
  4. #12 The Boys’ Shambolic Chin Wag
  5. #11 Ali Miles – Sports Performance Dietician

P.S. here are a few early episodes of the Virtus Podcast that I feature in.

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